Stress contributes to 90% of today’s chronic illnesses and that’s why we’ve made meditation tracks that are available to all of our patients. Dr. Shojai has been teaching meditation for years and his unique approach to mindfulness has helped thousands of people.

We’ll be holding retreats and weekend workshops throughout the year so please make sure you subscribe to our list so we can inform you when the next one will be.

For a free meditation audio track, please request the Vitality Health Guide (upper right corner) and you’ll get a link

While you talk about the benefits of meditation, the foremost one stands as gaining clarity and peace of mind. The easy meditation techniques freshens your mind and de-stress the emotions of the mind and body. If your mind is clear, your thinking will have no confusion and so it will solve any problem in your life just like that. Your activities will show an upward trend in all spheres.
That enhances your well-being. You will certainly realize that your mind-set has turned towards a more refined state.