Functional Medicine

Functional medicine has been deemed the future of medicine but many people are not sure of what is functional medicine. It is a comprehensive look at the body’s systems and interrelations that helps us get to the bottom of any given issue.

For example- you are suffering from headaches.

An inferior doctor will continue to treat the symptoms, giving you treatment of drugs every time is gets bad.

What do we do?

Well the first question is- where are these headaches coming from?
Are they from a food allergy? Are you dehydrated? Is there a side effect from a drug you’re taking? Are you fighting with your spouse? What are your stress levels? How about toxic load?

We’ve got a host of tests and tools at our disposal to get to the bottom of the issue and treat the ROOT of your headaches so that they don’t come back.

This is the genius of functional medicine and it is at the core of everything we do.

It’s important to note though that it doesn’t necessarily require tons of tests and costs up front. That’s a big problem with the healthcare system today- too many tests that are not specific enough that cost you a fortune and don’t really tell us what’s wrong. We take a sane approach that tests for the common things first and then circles into more detailed analysis if needed. The key is to get in, figure it out, and help you get back to enjoying your life as soon as possible by finding the right functional medicine clinic.