Review: “Song of the New Earth” Opens Your Mind to the Power of Sound

Song of the New Earth

Running time: 87 minutes

Theme: Spirituality

Director: Ward Serrill

Availability: Digital version | Deluxe edition DVD

Price: Rent digital for $6.99 or buy for $16.99 | Deluxe DVD, $29.95

Fun Fact: It was named one of “The Top 10 Heartwarming Films of 2014” by The Huffington Post.

In this documentary, filmmaker Ward Serrill tells the fascinating story of sound healer/psychotherapist/sonic shaman Tom Kenyon. The film details his winding journey through the paths of a struggling artist, multiple life-changing transcendental experiences, studying in the Catholic Church and his academic career in the field of psychology. His experiences ultimately transform him into a very spiritual human being, able to utilize transcendental states to channel various beings through his voice. It just takes hearing a few testimonials of those who have attended his healing workshops to understand the impact he’s made.

Kenyon provides a very unique perspective on the spiritual realm – as someone who holds a master’s degree in psychology/counseling and has initiated psycho-acoustic brain research, he brings together both scientific and spiritual viewpoints. He seems to be keenly aware of the difference in his experiences between a psychological projection and a legitimate vibration from other realms. He recognizes himself standing right on the edge of the two distinctly different studies: “I’m actually a neo-pagan, Taoist, Tibetan Buddhist, agnostic, quantum physicist … mystic all rolled into one strange amalgam.”

His demeanor stands out as unbelievably authentic throughout the film. He himself recognizes that the things he claims and does sound absolutely “crazy” – but that doesn’t take away from their value. He speaks with a calm energy and utters various foods for thought that make you hit pause at various points.

“I believe we emerged from the infinite into the finite. And there’s different experiences for each of us as we make that transition.”

The production value of the film is very high. Engaging animations vividly tell the story of his past. The film also includes snippets from a few of his healing workshops, both with video of him performing and audio clips paired with video of natural scenery. The viewer can use these few minutes that pop up as micro-meditations – a small taste of the healing workshop experience.

“Sound vibration speaks to our souls, to our bodies, it bypasses our cognitive mind; when that happens, a door opens, and people can go through that door and discover miracles and mysteries in themselves they never imagined.”

The story ultimately pushes the boundaries of your beliefs (if they don’t already lie on that end of the spectrum) into what’s possible through entering transcendental states. He believes achieving mystical states of consciousness is a skill that can be learned through practice and concentration. He speaks with such a genuine energy that’s difficult not to believe.

Above all, the film gives a new, deeper appreciation of the power of sound, and how precious a gift it is for those of us who have been blessed with the ability to receive the vibrations.

Kenyon is currently taking time off from his healing workshops until later [...]

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