About Us

Vitality Health & Wellness can be seen as a flagship prototype clinic for the unique and innovative concepts brought to you by Well.Org. Our luminaries include THE biggest names in health and wellness around the world and we’ve created this inspired clinic to showcase the medicine of the future or what we call true healthcare. Our mission is to show how safe and natural methods can be employed with lifestyle modification to make profound changes in people’s lives without costing a fortune. We stand by what we say in our movies and are here to prove it.

We’ll use the best science has to offer and blend it with safe and natural methods that are proven to be effective in order to help YOU.

Pedram Shojai, OMD is a leading lecturer and physician in the realm of functional and natural medicine. He’s a doctor of Oriental medicine who has been studying with top level doctors and esoteric masters all over the world. He is a renowned qi gong master, author, film maker, lecturer, and consultant for companies. He prides himself on being down to earth and approachable with a good sense of humor.

Its about working together to get well and stay that way and Pedram loves running into people in the community who he’s helped…seeing them thrive and enjoying their lives again.