You’ve come to the right place. I’m here to help you. Whether you’ve got pain in your neck or your whole life is falling apart, I’m uniquely qualified to help. My name is Dr. Pedram Shojai and I’ve traveled the world learning how to help people get more Vitality in their lives. I’m here to share that with you.

I’m a best-selling author, film maker, lecturer, and physician who’s been around the block. I’ve studied with some of the best in the world and have most of them in my movies. I know what works and can cut through the nonsense.

Let’s get to work and help you get some Vitality back in your life!

Your first visit to our vitality health center will take you through numerous wellness programs designed to give relief from unwanted disorders. As you see it with your own eyes, it is needless to tell you about the success of the acupuncture treatment and other kinds of treatment given here. You can very well read it from the faces of the participants.

You will receive the treatment tailored exclusively for you depending on your problems, as the problems differ from person to person. Individual attention and care are the specialty of the center.